Comparing Wool Clothing prices for Winter Weather Protection

The nation’s favourite clothing to withstand the cold weather is by far wool.

Woolen jumpers may remind you of the classic bulky Christmas jumper, but there are actually a lot more options that are both lightweight, warm and fashionable available now.

grey woolen jumper women

We go over the top pics for winter time fashion.

Cashmere – The Finest and Softest of Wool

Most people will have heard of cashmere, but if not, then it’s simply a fine wool created by mountain goats in the Asian region of “Kashmir”, where the goats live at high altitudes, and so have evolved to require very warm fur.

However it is argued that it can be expensive relative to woolen blends, so why is this?

The main part of the process that creates extra cost is the quantity vs goats. It takes at least 2 goats worth of cashmere wool to create 1 jumper, which means there is a very limited number of garments that can be made from the stock, and as per usual economics, supply vs demand, this makes the price go up.

The other part that adds expense is the process of weaving. Because the wool is finer than most, it requires much more careful handling, and so the process of creating a cashmere jumper for example will take a lot longer.

Merino Wool – Smart High Street Style for Winter

If you’re looking for a mid range price woolen jumper, but still want it to be soft and non-itchy, then merino wool is a really good option.

You can find a range of styles at the high end high street stores such as John Lewis, offering a range of colours that can add real bright trends to any winter wardrobe.

I recommend you choose a blend that doesn’t irritate your skin, so make sure to try on the clothing in the changing rooms before you purchase, just in case (everyone has a different reaction to wool).

Woolen Blends – Budget Options

If you’re struggling for cash to invest in a better quality wool, then purchasing a cheaper wool blended jumper would be a perfect option. Shops such as Primark in the UK sell a good range of fashionable yet cheap wool jumpers, and so you can browse your local store for options. Contrasting colours are often good to add winter style.

This is a useful video on how wool can be made less itchy:

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I'm in constant pursuit of environmental changes that can help keep our planet safe for the long term. Contact me via email at [email protected]

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